Nadia Eftedal

Nadia Eftedal

Nadia Eftedal

  • Nadia is a certified World Class level “A” adjudicator and has represented the United States in many World professional and amateur championships. Since 2005, Nadia has been the American representative to judge the prestigious Open British Championships, held in Blackpool, England. As of January 2008, Nadia is also an examiner for the US Terpsichore Association, which provides medals for students and judging certification.

  • Internationally known as a champion-level ballroom dancer with an exceptional portfolio of awards and titles, she began her dancing career at the age of eight in Hollywood, California. Throughout her junior, amateur and early professional years, Nadia competed in both International styles of Standard and Latin ballroom.

  • In 1983 she teamed up with Johan Eftedal. Nadia and Johan rose to the top of their field, and began competing and placing in Major International Finals. They relocated to London, England where they continued studying under the most famous instructors in the world. They are most proud of their training from Mr. Walter Laird, considered to be the greatest of all dance teachers. Their partnership proved to be very successful.

Nadia and Johan won many prestigious titles including :

  • Open British Professional Latin Champions
  • U.K. Professional Latin Champions
  • Twice European Latin Champions
  • U.S. Open Professional Latin Champions
  • Winners of the Super Japan Cup
  • German Open Latin Championships
  • French Latin Masters
  • Russian Invitational Latin Championships
  • Five-time Silver medalists World Professional Latin Championships

Johan and Nadia traveled extensively performing numerous lectures, demonstrations and teaching trips throughout Asia, Europe, Australia and the United States. They have made instructional videos available in Japan and the United States. Once they retired in 1994, Nadia returned to California where she continues to train top competitive couples, lecture and adjudicate major competitions.

Nadia – The teacher

Nadia realises that being a top professional Latin American performer (she still is the best ever American born female dancer ever) doesn’t guarantee that one also becomes a great teacher. She took all the necessary dance teachers exams in the US and passed them with honours. For the perfectionist Nadia that wasn’t enough. She continued to study with Ruud Vermeij and Maximiliaan Winkelhuis to increase her teaching skills and widen her dance views. On a regular bases she takes intervention sessions with these fine colleagues, as well.

Nadia – The Lecturer

Nadia believes that the practical application of information makes all the difference for a dancer. Theory is fine…. but what does it feel like? How does it work? are there any ‘secrets’ not explained in the technique book? Nadia always enjoyed being the dancer and prefers to conduct workshops including exercises and universal principles that benefit all dancers.

Nadia – The Judge

Fair and square… that is how I like to mark. No, better said: that is how I mark. I have been a competitor myself and have always enjoyed it very much when judging didn’t go by form but by the performance of the day. So, this is what I look for: the performance of the day. I walk onto a competition floor much like a blank canvas….I’m there, waiting….for someone to engage me, interest me, amuse me, thrill me… with their dancing.

The Inspires – Johan Eftedal

In my opinion the best ever male dancer both in The Semley and on the competition floor. Thanks for sharing the dance with me. Former European and Open British Prof Latin Champion, now dance coach.