Ballroom Class Adults

Ballroom Class Adults

Ballroom Dance Program Overview

In this class you will be learning the following dances: Waltz  Tango  Foxtrot  Viennese Waltz

Series classes concentrate on a particular dance style to help you build on what you’ve learned each successive week. To reinforce your style and improve your skill, you will review steps learned the previous week, and be taught new steps at each new series lesson to complete a flowing dance routine at the end of the Series.


Ballroom classes for adults

  • Social ballroom beginner I: 4-week $60
  • Social ballroom beginner II: 6-mo. $250 $110 OFF
  • Social ballroom intermediate III: 10-mo. $400 $200 OFF

Ballroom program consists of the following group classes

Social Ballroom I

  • Prerequisite: None
  • Duration: 4 weeks
Social Ballroom II

  • Prerequisite: Social Ballroom I
  • Duration: 6 Months
Social Ballroom III

  • Prerequisite: Social Ballroom II
  • Duration: 10 Months

Description of the classes

  • Social Ballroom I: is a beginner course appropriate for those who have never taken lessons to learn American Ballroom dancing. Concepts taught in this class are critical to understand future technique and terminology throughout the program.
  • Social Ballroom II: In this class, students will continue learning Waltz and Foxtrot and master all of the basic 15 steps in these dances.
  • Social Ballroom III: Students will learn more complex routines and variations.