Quinceanera Choreography

Quinceanera Choreography

Quinceanera Choreography – Coreografia de Quinceañera

Quinceanera choreography

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  • The choreography of a quinceanera event plays an important role in making a quinces a truly memorable one. In addition to the traditional waltz, there are other elements that make up the quinces choreography.

  • Traditionally a choreography consists of the entrance of the honored court followed by the entrance of the quinceanera and changing of shoes. Once the father of the young latina has changed her shoes from flats to high heels, they dance a waltz. After the father’s waltz there may be another one – the honored court waltz. Some quinceaneras will also add 1, 2, or even 3 or 4 surprise dances to their choreographies. In some places, it is popular to make a mix of a couple of genres of music. Instead of dancing several full songs, 1 or 2 minute clips are taken from different songs and streamed together.

  • Young girls are choosing to dance more than just Latin dances like merengue and salsa. Nowadays depending on the quinceanera’s tastes and wishes, she may choose to dance hip hop, or even country. Usually the dance choices are part of an ongoing theme of the whole quinces party.

  • For ideas, think about what you love to dance… is it hip hop or salsa? or maybe you want to try something completely different than you are used to like tango. Deciding on an overall theme will help you make some decisions that come along with creating a perfect choreography. For example if your Party Theme is Brazilian Carnival, you might have your surprise dance be the Samba! Just remember that you don’t have to do what you have seen or heard. Don’t be afraid to make this even your own. After all it is a celebration for you, so try to add some of your personally to the planning details of your party.

  • The choreography refers to the Entrance of the Court, the Entrance of the Quinceanera, The Father’s Waltz and The honored court’s waltz and the optional Surprise Dance(s).

What is a Quinceanera? — History of the Quinceanera Celebration

In many Spanish families, a girl’s fifteenth birthday is cause for a tremendous celebration – a Quinceanera party! This coming-of-age tradition is actually rooted in ancient Aztec tradition, making it extremely popular among Mexican, Latin American and South American cultures.

The word ‘ Quinceanera’ quite literally means “fifteen years.” It’s the beginning of a girl’s journey into womanhood. This means that a Quinceanera is cause for much celebration!

According to Aztec tradition, a girl’s fifteenth birthday marked the start of a transition into maturity and womanhood. As such, girls who were a part of the commoner’s class were taken from home by the female village elders. They would then teach the girls about everything they would need to know about living as Aztec women. For the Aztec elite, a girl’s fifteenth birthday marked her transition into the temple where she would learn to fulfill the role of a priestess.

While the Aztec society is now extinct, this tradition remains in many cultures which celebrate a girl’s Quinceanera. In the U.S., it’s a gala event that involves Quinceanera hall rentals, decorations, catering, music and fancy attire!