Salsa Class Adults

Salsa Class Adults

Salsa Group Class Description

At our Salsa Training Classes, we are currently offering several levels of instruction. Students are instructed as a group with rotating partners. You will meet people like you, who are eager to learn to dance salsa and improve their dancing skills.

Salsa classes prerequisites

  • Age: 18+
  • Time: 7:00 pm-8:00 pm
  • Days: Tuesday, Thursday
  • Duration: Monthly 4-5 weeks
  • Intensity: Two hours per week
  • Frequency: Two days per week
  • Placement: By skill

Salsa classes for adults pricing

  • Salsa beginners: Two 4 week sessions $80
  • Salsa advanced beginner: 8-week session $80
  • Salsa intermediate: 8-week session $80
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Two Phase Crash Course For Beginners

This course extends over eight weeks and is divided into two, four-week segments. The classes are structured and progressive and they are intended to give you the confidence to build your first steps as a salsa dancer.

During the first phase, you will learn how to listen to the music, so that you can step to the salsa timing. This will help you to dance in connection with your partner and to enjoy more of the music, while you learn something new at every class. We will cover basic steps, side steps, left & right turns and cross body lead. You will also learn footwork. With this foundation to build on, the 2nd segment will enable you to incorporate and practice more salsa moves; and whether you lead or follow, you will acquire a better understanding of dancing in sync with your partner.

In the second phase, we will cover inside & outside turns with different hand positions and combinations. You will also learn more intricate footwork like the kick-out, spiral tap & much more!

Salsa Advanced Beginner

Once you have completed 8 week program, you will be ready to start learning more complex variations while strengthening your fundamentals, leading and following techniques with the timing. During each class, a new variation is presented and time is allotted for practicing various steps and turns called combinations. All of this takes place under the instruction and guidance of your expert trainers. As you master more and more of the skills being taught, you will begin to create fun turns of your own and you will feel more comfortable putting moves together into your own combinations.

Salsa Intermediate

This level is the highest level of Salsa. If you are ready for Intermediate, you are at ease with your timing, have a great understanding of partner connection, and of leading or following techniques. At this point we will introduce more advanced methods, as you are ready to start dancing with more complicated salsa moves without sacrificing your flavor and timing. To join this level you would have completed at least 6 to 8 cycles of Advanced Beginner or already have experience in Salsa intermediate/advanced level.

Salsa Advanced

Advanced Salsa lessons are taught only during private and semiprivate sessions by our expert instructors. Private and semiprivate sessions are tailored specifically for the needs of the students and go beyond the material covered in group sessions.

Practice Parties

We offer practice parties once a month. All students and friends are welcome. Practice what you have been learning in class. Make sure to sign up on our home page to receive updates with information about future salsa parties, classes, workshops, and events.